“The 360” Customer Information

Special Event Guidelines

We are pleased to be able to provide a unique location for your company to entertain guests and employees. In order to operate smoothly, we have assembled the following guidelines to help tenants through the initial stages of planning your event on “The 360” roof deck. Because this is a new venue, there will be situations which arise that may not be addressed in the Guidelines and Building Management will work with you to work through those details.

  1. Minimum information we will need to reserve the roof deck:
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Length of time for the event
    4. Number of guests
  2. The deck may be reserved no more than 60 days prior to an event and no less than 2 weeks prior.
  3. Reservation of the deck by any one tenant may not be permitted more than 2 times in one calendar month.
  4. A roof deck gathering is considered a “Special Event” if any portion of the deck is blocked off from other tenant use.
  5. Reservations can be made for any time during the daily roof operating hours of 8AM-8PM during which it will be blocked off from all other building employees.
  6. Security, Janitorial and possibly Engineering will need to be contracted to assist with your event, depending on the size of you event. Please see an estimated pricing schedule below:
  7. Two copies of a complete guest list of event attendees will need to be submitted to building management at least four hours prior for all guests’ admittance.
  8. Security will check in all outside guests and grant access via a roof deck elevator and again in the roof deck elevator lobby.
  9. Fire pits will be operated only by Engineering staff and can be pre-arranged for your event.
  10. Audio/Visual equipment is available for your use and can be set up by Engineering staff, an AV vendor from the Preferred Vendor List or by contacting the Building Management office regarding setting up your own playlist for music.
  11. Please find a list of pre-approved caterers that may be used for the deck events in section 02.2.2. If you would like to use a company that is not on this list an approved certificate of insurance will need to be in place with building management prior.
  12. Caterers will be permitted to park in the building loading area during special events.
  13. Propane is not allowed in the building or on the roof deck at any time.  Caterers will need to notified that propane cookers are not permitted.
  14. Any added furniture to the deck will need to be approved by building management prior to the event and removed within one hour following.
  15. Prior to the event, a tenant representative will need to be identified as a single point of contact for the management, security, janitorial or engineering staff to reach for any event issues or concerns.

The “360” Paperwork & Insurance Requirements:

“The 360” Additional Information: